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What is the starting date for the 2022 school year?
How do I register my child at the Chardin bilingual school?
What are the prices of the bilingual school? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions by parents regarding registration and admission procedures at the Chardin bilingual preschool and primary school.

At what age can I enroll my child in École Bilingue Chardin?

École Bilingue Chardin welcomes children from the age of 20 months to 12 years old in bilingual nursery and primary classes.

Is it possible to register my child/children during the school year at École Bilingue Chardin?

Yes, this is possible. To do so, you must download the application form and return it to us completed. We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.

What is the starting date for the 2022 school year?

The 2022 school year starts on Thursday the 1st of September, 2022.

How do I enroll my child in École Bilingue Chardin?

Chardin bilingual school welcomes children whose parents support the school's educational program and share an interest in sports and artistic activities. If you wish to apply, you can do so on the admission page of our website.

What are the documents to be provided in the application process?

The documents to be provided in the application process are the Following:

  • 4 identity photos of your child
  • Identity documents (parents and child)
  • Copy of the vaccination pages of the child's health record
  • Direct debit mandate
  • Bank details
  • School or civil responsibility insurance

Can I enroll my child in the bilingual program at École Bilingue Chardin if he is not enrolled in the school all year?

The bilingual program at Chardin bilingual school is open to all children, whether they are students at the school or at another school.

Are there any admission requirements for Ecole Bilingue Chardin? What are they?

There are admission requirements for Chardin bilingual school. A good level of French or English and a very good general academic level are required. More generally, it is the profile of the families that remains the determining factor in validating an enrollment. An international mindset and adherence to our project's values are key elements of any application.

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