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Engaging in a sports activity promotes healthy and balanced growth in children.
At École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School, the children regularly participate in sports activities suited to their age.

Soft gym in private school paris

Soft Gym

From preschool onwards, the students of École Bilingue Chardin take part every week in relaxation, yoga, and Pilates workshops whose physical and psychological benefits are apparent at the youngest ages.

Athletics sport class in Chardin School


From preschool onwards, the students of École Bilingue Chardin participate in athletics. Long before aiming to perfect and repeat techniques, athletics focuses on practicing three basic actions: jumping, running and throwing.

Baby circus in bilingual preschool and elementary school

Baby Circus

Children are allowed to develop their motor skills through the fun and enjoyable world of the Circus.

From the age of three, and always in the form of a game, the children learn to master their movements, test their balance, and improve their dexterity. It is during this period of childhood that the basic motor skills required for essential actions are developed:


Walking, running, jumping


Standing on one foot


Grasping, pulling, pushing

Throwing, catching objects

Throwing, catching, aiming

Furthermore, engaging in an organized sports/gross motor activity in preschool helps children create bonds with each other, teaches children to adapt to social rules outside the family home, stimulates creativity, develops the ability in children to solve problems and make decisions.


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