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École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School wishes to offer children several ways of approaching science in order to encourage their openness and understanding of the natural world. (Immersive activities, workshops, use of tools related to artistic work, etc.)

Introducing science at École Bilingue Chardin

  • Through frequent immersion in the natural environment, and the discovery of minerals, plants and animals, starting with the youngest classes.
  • Through experiments carried out in fun and enjoyable workshops.
  • Through the use and understanding of the tools necessary for artistic work: Weaving also means understanding how a loom is made and how it works, where the wool comes from, and how it is processed.
  • By setting up robotics workshops for the older students focused on long-term projects, a very foundational experience for a good understanding of operating logic in order to begin programming.

The importance of outings and field trips

Openness and understanding of the natural world is very important and encouraged during walks in natural settings. Children must spend time observing nature, seeing it evolve (for example, by observing the same tree and its evolution over several months), and evolve freely within it. École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School aims to enable children from preschool onwards to steadily develop within a natural setting, either in an urban environment or on trips around the Paris region.


Children are able to participate in workshops very early on, thanks in particular to the cooking workshops for the very young, which introduce them to the transformation of materials. The use of technical tools as part of manual art activities encourages further understanding. For older children, science workshops are taught by science professionals, organizations, or scientific contributors to ensure quality presentations for the children that are relevant and completely safe.

Mathematics Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


Not just math formulas, but a culture, a boundless education.

Language arts in bilingual school paris 16

Language Arts

An early mastery of languages, whether French or English.

Children writing in Chardin private school


Learning based on artistic practice in particular.

Child reading in bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


A prominent role is given to reading and books.

History and geography class in bilingual school paris

The Humanities

For an open doorway to the world and a good understanding of the environment

Sciences lesson in bilingual private school


Several ways of approaching science.

Computer studies a Ecole Bilingue Chardin

Computer Studies

For the controlled and measured use of computers


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