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Learning to write begins at École Bilingue Chardin starting in the 2-year-old section through sensory-motor, artistic and manual activities (punching, sewing, drawing) that promote precise writing technique. Writing is refined in preschool through penmanship. The quality of handwriting strokes is important, and is practiced in elementary school as part of the writing tasks.

Working with their hands
from the earliest age

In the 2-year-old section of our bilingual preschool, the children are invited to use materials that make them work with their hands ("practical life" and "sensorimotor" materials created by Maria Montessori).


This work continues in the other bilingual kindergarten classes through the discovery of graphic design and work around the use of writing tools. Spontaneous attempts at writing are encouraged by providing several types of materials (slates, notebooks, boards).

From elementary school onwards,
4 points are emphasized

  • A good understanding of grammar mechanisms (place and role of the word in a sentence, the logic of grammatical constraints)
  • Attention to the quality of spelling, with regular self-corrected dictations.
  • Regular writing practice through the keeping of the class “Book of the Centuries” (cf. Humanities), and a school newspaper written by the students with the help of the teachers.
  • Encouraging free writing through writing workshops that stimulate the imagination, short story prizes in the older classes.

At the same time within École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School, work is carried out to enable children to acquire a good command of the language and a prolific vocabulary, thus making it easier for them to transcribe their ideas into writing and encourage their imagination.

Mathematics Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


Not just math formulas, but a culture, a boundless education.

Language arts in bilingual school paris 16

Language Arts

An early mastery of languages, whether French or English.

Children writing in Chardin private school


Learning based on artistic practice in particular.

Child reading in bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


A prominent role is given to reading and books.

History and geography class in bilingual school paris

The Humanities

For an open doorway to the world and a good understanding of the environment

Sciences lesson in bilingual private school


Several ways of approaching science.

Computer studies a Ecole Bilingue Chardin

Computer Studies

For the controlled and measured use of computers


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