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Is the school program the same as a classic school?
Does the school have a lunchtime canteen?
Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions by parents about everyday life at Chardin bilingual preschool and primary school.

Is the program the same as in a traditional school?

École Bilingue Chardin follows the academic schedule for Zone C of the National Education System.

The Chardin bilingual school’s teachers are also trained in the best learning methods. We keep our attention on international pedagogical innovations in order to deliver a quality education in a peaceful and efficient environment.

At École Bilingue Chardin, we believe that the fundamental challenge of education is to form complete, fulfilled individuals who are open to others and to changes in the world, who will be able to adapt to all the new situations they encounter. This is the course we keep as a compass, on a daily basis, in all the moments your children will share with us at school.

The trust you place in us binds us to this commitment.

Where is École Bilingue Chardin located?

École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary school benefits from an exceptional location on a quiet street in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero gardens, and many museums.

Do children have to be potty trained to enter École Bilingue Chardin?

In preschool, children have access to toilets whenever they need them. We respect the children's pace. They may not be "potty-trained” when they enter preschool; however, if this is the case, we will ask parents to provide "pull up" diapers so that removing them becomes natural. We supportively accompany the children towards reaching this level of maturity.

Does the school have a lunchroom?

Menus prepared mainly with organically farmed products are delivered and prepared at the school.

Does the Ecole Bilingue Chardin practices the Montessori Method?

Chardin bilingual school adopts the Montessori method only in the two-years old section, offering bilingual learning from the age of 2.

What type of relationship exists between parents and the school?

Chardin private school has a child-centered approach and goodwill also applies to our relationship with parents. Based on mutual trust and regular, transparent communication, these relationships are at the heart of our educational project.
Regular meetings are scheduled with teachers and administration to discuss student progress and needs.

Communication tools specific to each class are also used on a daily basis to ensure optimal transmission of information.

Does École Bilingue Chardin offer any additional after school activities?

Our school offers 3 types of extracurricular activities:

  • Before and after school care (7:30-8:30am and 4:30pm-6pm).
  • Extracurricular activities on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:30 pm
  • Training courses for the short vacations as well as for the summer vacations

These activities are not free. Preferential rates are offered to students of Chardin bilingual school.

What are the École Bilingue Chardin's fees?

École Bilingue Chardin welcomes children from the age of 20 months to 12 years old in bilingual nursery and primary classes.

Tuition is based on the class that your child is enrolled in.

For the bilingual preschool :

  • In the two-years old Montessori section (20 months to 3 years), the annual full-day tuition is 12,500 €.
  • In Preschool (Petite, Moyenne or Grande section), the annual full-day tuition is 13 500 €.

Please note that for the two-years old Montessori section and the bilingual section you have the possibility to enroll your child in a half-day program, the annual tuition fees are respectively 9 000€ and 9500€.

For the bilingual primary/elementary school (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2), the annual full-day tuition is 14 000€.

For the entire Chardin bilingual school, all levels combined, the annual canteen fees amount to 1260 € for 4 meals per week. Please Find the details of the school fees per class here.

What is the École Bilingue Chardin's admission process?

The Chardin bilingual school's admission process is divided into several steps:

  • An application for admission is sent via the website, by mail or email to admission@ecole-chardin.com
  • An invitation to a first interview by Zoom or by phone is sent to the family within 15 days, depending on the number of places available in the section.
  • Following this interview, a visit of the school is organized as well as an evaluation of the level in French/English and mathematics for students from the bilingual preschool
  • The family is then notified of the admission decision no later than one week after the second interview.

What are the École Bilingue Chardin's values?

At École Bilingue Chardin, we are committed to helping each of our students to achieve their full potential and success while transmitting our bilingual school's values:

A bilingual preschool section
Beyond the learning of the language, we wish to transmit to our students an openness to the world, tolerance and understanding of others.

Reduced class sizes
Supervised by two teachers (one native English speaker and one French speaker), our bilingual classes are limited to 18 students. This allows each child to benefit from a personalized and individualized approach to learning in a warm and caring environment. We help each child to develop his potential and personal confidence.

Strong pedagogical choices
Chardin private school is committed to going beyond the Education National 's Common Core. We place particular importance on the learning of quality written and oral expression, as well as an innovative and attractive approach to mathematics. The DNA of École Bilingue Chardin is also to allow children to practice daily artistic and sports activities, to stimulate their commitment, their ability to collaborate and their perseverance.

Privacy Police
At Chardin bilingual school, we are committed to establishing a relationship of trust with the children and their families. Therefore, any personal information given to the school and its teaching staff in the context of their functions will be strictly preserved.

Do students wear a uniform?

Students at Chardin bilingual school do not wear school uniforms during school hours. However, some activities require appropriate clothing. Chardin bilingual school provides each child with an art apron, a raincoat, a cap and a polo shirt for outdoor activities, as well as sportswear for gym, climbing and all other sports practiced at the school. These carefully chosen outfits are in the school's colors and our teaching staff will make sure that each child is equipped to take full advantage of all the activities organized during the year.

Following COVID, what health protocol/restrictions have you put in place?

Class Closure
Chardin Bilingual School will close classes as soon as a positive case of Covid is identified.

Application of all barrier measures
Barrier measures must be applied at all times, everywhere, and by everyone. These are particularly effective prevention measures against the spreading of the virus.

Hand washing
Regular hand washing is provided for all students. Parents are asked to wash their children's hands when they arrive at school.

Airing and ventilation of classrooms and other areas
The school is regularly ventilated and the classrooms have a ventilation system that operates continuously.

Does École Bilingue Chardin have its supervising doctor?
Does École Bilingue Chardin have its own school nursery?

No. There is no school doctor in private schools without a contract. Chardin bilingual school has an on-site infirmary and all members of the teaching staff are trained to perform first aid.

What is your procedure in the event of an accident involving a child at École Bilingue Chardin?

In the event of an accident, it is the teaching staff's responsibility to comfort the child and communicate with the family.

In the case of a serious accident, the student will be given first aid and the emergency services will be immediately notified.The school does not administer any medication.

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