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The Humanities

École Bilingue Chardin encourages children to be open to the world and develop a good understanding of their environment. At École Bilingue Chardin, we call "Humanities" all subjects that encourage children to situate themselves in space and time, as well as those that encourage reflection.

From preschool to elementary school, École Bilingue Chardin, while adhering to and surpassing the common core requirements, promotes the learning of geography, history, civics, and critical thinking through the use of reference texts, reflective workshops, and thematic walks within the exceptional setting offered by the City of Paris.


The notions of geography and time are addressed from the very first classes of our bilingual preschool, not only through the child's understanding of reference points (school, home, forest, town, yesterday, tomorrow) but also through the use of fun and enjoyable tools ("world map" puzzle).

Starting in the bilingual elementary school classes, a good knowledge of chronological and geographical reference points is complemented by a more concrete approach, which includes the study of daily life throughout the ages, and the reading of reference texts. École Bilingue Chardin encourages learning facts and ideas through "Living Books" (recommended by the educator Charlotte Mason as opposed to classic textbooks), which allows children to immerse themselves in an era, or engage in reflection (the Odyssey for example). Furthermore, each class creates a “Book of the Centuries”, in which each child can chronologically list the important people and historical facts that he or she will have encountered during readings or visits.

Outings and Field Trips

École Bilingue Chardin also benefits from the exceptionally rich setting offered by the city of Paris to complement readings with thematic walks planned around historical periods (Museum of Natural History, Museum of Evolution, the Latin Quarter, Ile de la Cité, etc.), or "treasure hunts” in small groups supervised by a teacher involving the use of maps and situating oneself better within the urban environment.


École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School encourages reflection and dialogue in a respectful setting from preschool onwards. “Philosophy" workshops will therefore be conducted by the teachers in short series based on simple subjects (What is growing up? What is a friend?), allowing everyone to express themselves and attempt to clarify their ideas. These workshops allow the youngest children to ask questions and share in a relaxed manner, and the older children to develop their ability to summarize as well as their critical thinking skills during their shared reflections.

Mathematics École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School Paris


Not just math formulas, but a culture, a boundless education.

Language Arts École Bilingue Paris

Language Arts

An early mastery of languages, whether French or English.

Writing École Bilingue Paris


Learning based on artistic practice in particular.

Reading école Chardin


A prominent role is given to reading and books.

The humanities École Bilingue Paris

The Humanities

For an open doorway to the world and a good understanding of the environment

Sciences École Bilingue Paris


Several ways of approaching science.

Computer Studies École Bilingue Chardin Paris

Computer Studies

For the controlled and measured use of computers


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