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École Bilingue Chardin has chosen to offer children a bilingual learning environment at an early age.

Permanent exposure
to bilingualism

Multiple studies have recently highlighted the value of early language learning, even if the child may not have been immersed in a bilingual environment from birth. École Chardin Bilingual Preschool and Elementary School provides daily interaction with people who speak both languages. This exposure to languages must then be maintained throughout schooling.

A bilingual Learning école Chardin

Two teachers in each
bilingual class

Starting in the 2-year-old section, the children of École Bilingue Chardin have two teachers in the classroom every day, one English speaker (native) and one French speaker. We make sure that each child can interact habitually with each teacher through regular activities in split groups, so that they are not limited to their mother tongue.

Starting in the first grade, the courses are taught either in English or French in order to encourage and maintain a balance in the use of both languages. Therefore, the different subjects may be taught either in English or in French. The children will be ready to progress in their secondary education, either in a bilingual environment, or in a strictly Anglophone or Francophone environment.

A bilingual Learning école Chardin
Values École Bilingue Chardin

Our values

Creativity, personal development, and openness to others are at the heart of our concerns for your children, just as much as fundamental learning.

Bilingualism École Bilingue Chardin


Bilingual learning and openness to the world prepare your children to navigate calmly through all school systems.

École Bilingue Paris 16

The campus

In the heart of Paris, École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School welcomes your children in a large private mansion.

École Bilingue Paris 16

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Ecole Bilingue Chardin validates the strategic orientation of the school and its fidelity to its founding values and principles.


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