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Each of our bilingual preschool classes welcomes 15 to 20 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old in a privileged setting in the heart of Paris so that they can benefit from a specially tailored education.

France has the much admired tradition of teaching children from a very young age; moreover, traditional course subjects have taken into account and adopted a certain number of pedagogical advances, thus making it an education that is recognized throughout the world. At École Bilingue Chardin Preschool, not only are we inspired by this quality, but we also go even further by offering children a privileged setting for these crucial years, during which they approach and discover the world and build the foundations for a well-adjusted scholastic future.

Bilingual learning and openness to the world will allow your children to navigate calmly through all school systems. The caring and encouraging attention of our entire bilingual preschool staff helps children gain self-confidence and develop their creativity and knowledge tranquilly. There are two teachers present at all times in École Bilingue Chardin Preschool classes, one English speaker and one French speaker. They work together or in half groups to encourage the children not to speak just their mother tongue.

There are no uniforms at École Bilingue Chardin Preschool. However, École Bilingue Chardin provides each child at the beginning of the school year with:

  • Clothing for sports activities
  • An apron for artistic activities
  • Clothing for outdoor activities

Teaching method

The 3-year-old section, 4-year-old section, and kindergarten of the bilingual preschool are taught by experienced teachers that are specially trained at École Bilingue Chardin in innovative methods. They ensure the quality of your children's learning not only by adhering to the common core of knowledge required by the French National Education system, but by going beyond it:

  • Bilingual immersion, all day long, French- and English-speaking teachers in each class provide access to both English and French at all times. Half-group sessions are also organized to ensure that children do not communicate only with the speaker of their mother tongue.
  • Mathematics learning stimulated by concrete representations according to recognized methods.
  • Vocabulary enrichment stimulated in both languages along with quality of speech.
  • Last but not least, because it is our DNA, a great awareness of the arts (painting, sculpture, manual arts, theater) and sports (climbing, yoga, athletics). The school's team will be accompanied in their teaching by specialized educators.

In the bilingual preschool classes, we lay the foundations that prepare your children for a successful elementary school education.
Creativity, personal development and openness to others are at the heart of our concerns for children, as much as fundamental learning.


Our bilingual preschool section is also a place of sociability. Your child will learn to live with his or her peers. Rules of politeness and courtesy will be introduced in the classroom as your child grows.

Lunchtime is a moment of sharing and discovery alongside the teachers (who eat the same meal as the children and sit with them at their table). Varied menus, mainly prepared with products coming from short supply chains and organic farming, are delivered every morning to be served at the school. The teachers accompany the children patiently and caringly while they learn their table manners, and help them discover different flavors.


Rest time is essential. Children who stay at school for naptime will be able to find their own personalized beds. Sleeping habits (cuddly toy/comforter/pacifier) will be respected. Wake-up time alternates in the afternoon.

Children who don't nap will, however, be invited to enjoy a "quiet time", either lying on a mattress, reading a book to themselves, or listening to audio stories.

Going to the Bathroom

In preschool, children have access to toilets whenever they need them. We respect the children's pace. They may not be "potty-trained” when they enter preschool; however, if this is the case, we will ask parents to provide "pull up" diapers so that removing them becomes natural. We supportively accompany the children towards reaching this level of maturity.

Students in the youngest bilingual preschool sections can come for a half-day or full day. From the 4-year-old section on, children must attend school all day long.

École Bilingue Chardin opens its doors to start the day:

  • from 8:45 am to 9:00 am to welcome children in the 3-year-old section
  • from 8:30 am to 8:45 am to welcome children in the 4-year-old section and kindergarten

The School Day

  • In the morning: children work with their teachers in their classrooms learning about mathematics, language, and the world around them.
  • Recess: every morning, the children can take advantage of our playground to enjoy a breath of fresh air and play with their friends.
  • Lunchtime: at 12:00 pm, it's time to share lunch together.
  • Naptime: at 12:45 pm, the children who stay at school are invited to take a nap or to lie down for a quiet time. The youngest children registered for half-day sessions are reunited with their parent or nanny.
  • In the afternoon: at 2:00 pm, the children wake up and take part in art and/or sports activities in either our rooms dedicated to Art and Sports, or the classroom, as an entire class or in half groups.
  • End of the day for everyone: at 4:15 pm, the school day ends, and the children are reunited with their parents or nanny.
  • On Wednesdays: school only takes place in the morning, and ends at 11:30 am; the cafeteria is not open on this day.
  • Optional workshops are offered in the afternoon.
Bilingual Montessori nursery

2-year-old Section

Bilingual learning from 2 years old with the Montessori pedagogy (only for the little section).

Children in bilingual kindergarten


A blend of classical and innovative teaching methods for a bilingual education with an emphasis on mathematics, language, art, and sports.

Bilingual primary school class

Elementary School

Bilingual learning with a strong emphasis on mathematics, and practicing art and sports on a daily basis.


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