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École Bilingual Chardin is named after the painter Jean Siméon Chardin, considered to be one of the greatest painters of the 18th century.

Proust magnificently described Chardin and the contribution that the beauty of Art can have on everyone:

In those rooms where you see nothing but the image of the banality of others and the reflection of your boredom, Chardin enters like a light, giving each thing its color, evoking from the eternal night all the beings from inanimate or animate art that were buried there, with the meaning of their form so bright for the eyes, so dark for the spirit. Like Sleeping Beauty, everything is brought back to life; they regain their color and begin speaking you, living, and enduring once more.

At École Bilingue Chardin, children learn to understand and love the arts, and to make the arts a part of their personal development from the earliest classes. Raising children's awareness of Art early encourages creative thinking, problem solving, making commitments in general, and the ability to collaborate and communicate.

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Visual Arts

In order to give children a true introduction to Art, École Bilingual Chardin has set up an exclusive partnership with the Musée en Herbe.

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Manual Arts

At École Bilingue Chardin, art is practiced and encouraged using all types of media. The practice of manual activities encourages concentration, precision, and perseverance.

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The Theater

The Theater stimulates creativity as well as diverse cognitive and social skills in children, thus enabling them to develop their imagination from a very young age.

We are convinced that education in the arts leads to greater academic and social success. "Learning experiences in the arts benefit students socially, emotionally, and academically.” By working on instilling perseverance and a sense of community, an arts education also trains citizens to be more involved in their communities.

The culmination of all these artistic creations will be the end-of-year show, which is organized entirely by the children with the help of the teachers of École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School, and to which, of course, all parents will be invited.


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