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The Theater

École Bilingual Chardin believes that the theater represents work that is all-encompassing in nature. The theater stimulates the children's creativity as well as diverse cognitive and social skills, and enables them to develop their imagination from an early age.

The theater allows the children to develop :

  • Verbal expression by encouraging communication.
  • Bodily expression through the children's discovery of the importance of non-verbal communication; in other words, the importance of the messages conveyed by their gestures and movements.
  • The ability to speak in public, in order to build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teamwork, because everyone is important and must be respected in a supportive manner.
  • Awareness of the importance of regularly doing work for themselves, for their personal progress, and for others.

In kindergarten, theater is approached through fun and enjoyable exercises improvised around emotions. In this way, children learn to identify, reflect on, and express their own emotions, and see how classmates express their own emotions differently.

From the first grade onwards, the children will organize their own skits, either using their own work, or drawing on recognized works, whether from Harry Potter or the classic repertoire.

The culmination of their work will be the end-of-year show, which is organized entirely by the children with the help of the teachers of École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School, and to which, of course, all parents will be invited.

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Visual Arts

In order to give children a true introduction to Art, École Bilingual Chardin has set up an exclusive partnership with the Musée en Herbe.

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Manual Arts

At École Bilingue Chardin, art is practiced and encouraged using all types of media. The practice of manual activities encourages concentration, precision, and perseverance.

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The Theater

The Theater stimulates creativity as well as diverse cognitive and social skills in children, thus enabling them to develop their imagination from a very young age.


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