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At École Bilingue Chardin, learning to read begins in the 4-year-old section, and always at the child's own pace. This allows each child to acquire a good knowledge of phonemes and graphemes as well as a rich vocabulary from preschool onwards. Children are invited to read for themselves or to share their reading with other children in the class.

Phonemes and graphemes

Learning to read is based on phonemes (the units of sound in a spoken language) and graphemes (groups of letters representing a phoneme). Deciphering these elements thus builds understanding, and is more effective in the long term. École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary school teaches letters and sounds in a fun and enjoyable manner starting in the preschool's 4-year-old section.

Reading Sessions

École Bilingue Chardin emphasizes the importance of books by offering children numerous reading sessions that create a virtuous dynamic: By listening to texts, preschool students enrich their vocabulary and consolidate their knowledge of syntax, which results in a better understanding of other texts read by the teacher.

This creates a positive cycle while learning to read; through the introduction of new texts, students develop their vocabulary along with a better command of syntax, thus making them better prepared to listen to or read other texts with pleasure, and so on and so forth.

In Elementary School

This dynamic is maintained and expanded upon in elementary school by providing numerous reading opportunities to ensure that students practice constantly as part of their learning experience:

  • Reading aloud: In a friendly and supportive atmosphere, children read and share excerpts from texts, which is expanded upon in the older elementary school classes through quick presentations by each student of the latest reading that he or she enjoyed.
  • Group reading periods: These reading periods, which vary in length depending on the class, allow each person (including the teacher) to read a book of his or her choosing, in silence and with respect for other readers. Different subjects can be proposed (cf. "Living books" cf. Humanities)
  • Books are permanently available in the preschool and elementary school’s classrooms and library so that children who wish to read can do so, all while respecting group work time.
Mathematics Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


Not just math formulas, but a culture, a boundless education.

Language arts in bilingual school paris 16

Language Arts

An early mastery of languages, whether French or English.

Children writing in Chardin private school


Learning based on artistic practice in particular.

Child reading in bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


A prominent role is given to reading and books.

History and geography class in bilingual school paris

The Humanities

For an open doorway to the world and a good understanding of the environment

Sciences lesson in bilingual private school


Several ways of approaching science.

Computer studies a Ecole Bilingue Chardin

Computer Studies

For the controlled and measured use of computers


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