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Computer Studies

Exposing children to digital tools, particularly screens, is as concerning as it is challenging. Screens are part of the children's environment, and as such École Bilingue Chardin believes that educating children in their proper use instead of demonizing them is essential learning.

Of course, screen time should not cut down on the time dedicated to other activities essential to a child's development, such as moving around, discovering nature, interacting with other children, and exploring and manipulating objects in the environment. Nevertheless, the use of digital tools in the proper context, along with educational content, can be a very effective learning support.

Controlled and Measured Use

École Bilingue Chardin thus proposes the controlled and measured use of digital technology. It is neither an educational priority nor a taboo subject. It's just a complementary tool, which the children are going to use anyway. In consequence, they have to learn how to use it intelligently.

Generally speaking, École Bilingue Chardin Preschool and Elementary School does not disallow the use of technological tools if they improve children's learning.

With regard to the preschool classes, the use of new technologies for educational purposes does not seem necessary to us.

The three main uses of digital technology

For the bilingual elementary school classes, digital tools may be used:

  • During supervised learning in order to use them reasonably and carefully, such as when conducting research for group work or presentations.
  • For quick self-correction tests given after lessons in certain subjects, which are repeated regularly throughout the year for the purpose of confirming that the students have properly understood and memorized the topics at hand.
  • When discussing the concept of algorithms in order to put into practice the work done, especially during the robotics workshops, in which programming may be introduced.
Mathematics Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


Not just math formulas, but a culture, a boundless education.

Language arts in bilingual school paris 16

Language Arts

An early mastery of languages, whether French or English.

Children writing in Chardin private school


Learning based on artistic practice in particular.

Child reading in bilingual preschool and elementary school paris


A prominent role is given to reading and books.

History and geography class in bilingual school paris

The Humanities

For an open doorway to the world and a good understanding of the environment

Sciences lesson in bilingual private school


Several ways of approaching science.

Computer studies a Ecole Bilingue Chardin

Computer Studies

For the controlled and measured use of computers


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