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What’s the difference between a Daycare, a Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten class? 

The Chardin bilingual School welcomes children from the age of 2 in the bilingual pre-kindergarten class. Discover the difference between the daycare center, a nursery and the Montessori Pre-kindergarten class.

 A daycare is a part-time care facility where children are brought in by their parents several days a week. The nursery is a more regular care facility. These two types of childcare can be funded by the State and are generally managed by a nurse.

The bilingual pre-kindergarten is not a childcare facility but the first age group of the French preschool system. The pedagogical requirements are therefore much more important. Children are generally welcomed from the age of 2 or 20 months in the Ecole Bilingue Chardin's case.

Program & schedules at Chardin bilingual School

In distinction to the nursery and the day care center, the school day in a Montessori pre-kindergarten class at the Chardin Bilingual School  is organized around educational time based on a progressive program of educational sequences adapted to the children's level of development. 

The day is punctuated by times in large groups (regrouping), in small groups (workshops) and individually (independent or free workshops). 

The Montessori pre-kindergarten class  helps to develop the child's vocabulary and to introduce the first notions of mathematics. The construction of time and narration also have a place.

At the Chardin bilingual school, a 30 minutes daily motor skills session also allows the children to exercise and thus to learn more easily.

The school day is shorter than a day in a nursery and corresponds to the school day of an older pupil, i.e. from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Nap time and meal time remain privileged moments, which develop socialization while respecting the rhythm of each and every child.

The regularity of school attendance is fundamental to the success of the child's educational project.

Importance of a successful start to bilingual school & supervision

Starting school is an important moment for the child and his family. The Montessori pre-kindergarten class section is smaller in comparison to the preschool level. There are less than 15 students in the Montessori pre-kindergarten class at Ecole Bilingue Chardin.

A teacher and an assistant with a diploma in Early Childhood are responsible for the supervision of the Montessori pre-kindergarten class.

The integration in the bilingual pre-kindergarten class is progressive and is determined  according to the needs of each child. An adaptation period can be set up to promote the well-being of each child and an adapted transition. 


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