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How does École Bilingue Chardin monitor children's progress?

L'École Bilingue Chardin uses a variety of methods to evaluate and monitor children's progress.

Our aim is to provide parents with as many tools as possible so that they can observe the pace at which their child is progressing.

Regular observations

Teachers carefully observe children in their learning environment, noting their progress in various areas such as language, motor skills, social skills and so on. These observations help us to better understand each child's individual needs, and to adapt activities and teaching approaches accordingly.

Formative assessments

Our private bilingual school uses formative assessments to regularly evaluate children's skills and knowledge. This can take the form of observations, individual interviews, group discussions, practical activities and so on. These assessments enable teachers to gather information on children's progress and identify areas where they need extra support.

Follow-up files

The school can keep individual monitoring files for each child, recording observations, assessments and progress made over time. These files make it possible to track each child's progress, discuss the teaching at our private school and share this information with parents at follow-up meetings.

Parent-teacher meetings

The school organizes regular one-to-one meetings between parents and bilingual school teachers to discuss the child's progress, share observations and assessments, and establish common learning objectives. These meetings are an opportunity for parents to ask questions, share observations and collaborate with teachers to support their child's development.

Events and shows

The school organizes events, shows and exhibitions where children can present their achievements and skills to parents.These moments allow parents to see their child's progress in a concrete way and to participate in moments of celebration of their development.
It is important to note that these means may vary according to the specific policies and practices of École Bilingue Chardin It is therefore advisable to contact the school directly for precise information on the monitoring and evaluation methods used.


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