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Why learn English from nursery school?

There are several reasons why learning English from nursery school onwards can be beneficial for children

  • Encourage early learning: Young children have a natural ability to learn new languages. What more, if they start learning a new language from nursery school, their chances of becoming bilingual or multilingual in adulthood multiply.
  • Developing cognitive flexibility: Learning a new language in a bilingual nursery school encourages the development of children's cognitive flexibility, such as their ability to adapt to new environments and to solve problems creatively.
  • Preparing children for a world without borders: In an increasingly globalized world, mastery of English has become essential for opening up professional and personal opportunities. Enrolling your child in a bilingual nursery school is an opportunity to familiarize them with the language from an early age.
  • Improving language skills: Learning English from nursery school onwards helps children to improve their language skills in their mother tongue, by giving them a better understanding of the concepts of the language and developing their vocabulary.
  • Encouraging curiosity and open-mindedness: Learning a new language can help children develop their curiosity and open-mindedness by discovering new cultures and learning to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

Enrolling your child in the Chardin bilingual school means providing an interactive and stimulating environment in which your child can develop his or her English language skills.


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