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Chardin bilingual school: some examples of projects carried out by our pupils.

Dynamic projects

The Chardin bilingual school stands out for its innovative pedagogical approach and its commitment to bilingual education with Art as a central pillar. By encouraging children to explore different cultures and stimulating their creativity, the school creates a stimulating and enriching learning environment.

Here are a few examples of the projects carried out by our pupils in the class of 2022-2023 at Chardin bilingual school:

  • Nursery pupils at Chardin bilingual school recently had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Through this artistic study, the children learned to appreciate the works of this renowned artist. Through this dynamic project, carried out over several weeks, the pupils discovered her repetitive motifs, her astonishing sculptures and her fascination with polka dots. To make their learning more concrete, the pupils had the opportunity to work on their own creations inspired by the artist's world. To share their work with their families, a mini-exhibit was organized at the school, during which parents and teachers were able to admire the pupils' artistic creations. This mini exhibition at Chardin bilingual school enabled the children to showcase their artistic skills while boosting their self-confidence.
  • The Toddlers pupils at Chardin bilingual school explored the theme of transport and spring. The teachers organized interactive activities to enable the children to explore these everyday concepts in a fun and educational way. They had the opportunity to discover albums on transport, then build models of vehicles and finally take part in role-playing in the fictitious transport imagined in class.
  • In parallel, in the other Toddler class at Chardin bilingual school, the pupils explored the theme of spring, an emblematic season that symbolizes renewal and growth. They observed the changes in nature, studied the different plants that flower in spring, and took part in gardening activities. Finally, they were able to create a large number of paintings on the theme of Spring. It was also an opportunity for the teachers to set up the Spring exhibition for the Toddlers children at Chardin bilingual school. The exhibition enabled the children to develop their curiosity, enrich their vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the passage of time and their environment.

These projects at Chardin bilingual school illustrate the commitment of the school and its teaching staff to a stimulating bilingual education. The dynamic project on various themes must gradually take root in people's mind and be supported by practical activities that will help them remember


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