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Bilingual school: should parents speak English to their child outside school?

If your child attends a bilingual school where English is taught.

Practicing this language at home can help him or her strengthen their language skills. If your child attends a bilingual school where English is taught, it may be useful for them to practice this language at home to reinforce their language skills. However, it is not necessary for parents to speak exclusively in English with their child outside the bilingual school; you can continue to speak your mother tongue.

Apart from bilingual school, the most important aim is to create a positive language environment at home that will enable your child to use English naturally, through fun and educational activities. Encouraging your child to use English naturally and by offering fun and educational activities in this language. You can also interact with your child using the languages you already know, and thus enrich their vocabulary and language skills.

When learning and practicing a language, it's important that your child doesn't feel pressured. In fact, by creating a healthy environment, your child can feel at ease practicing the languages he or she knows. Ultimately, the aim is for children to feel supported and to strengthen their language skills, regardless of the languages spoken at home. It's important not to put pressure on your child to speak a particular language, but rather to create an environment where they feel comfortable experimenting and using the languages they know. Ultimately, the aim is to support and strengthen your child's language skills, whatever languages are spoken at home.


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