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What activities do the children do in the Montessori Nursery?

In the Montessori Nursery at Chardin bilingual school, children engage in a variety of activities designed to foster their holistic development.

The activities offered in the nursery section are designed to stimulate all aspects of the child, rather than focusing solely on academic aspects.

We focus on five key areas:

Practical life: we invite the children to carry out activities of daily life, such as pouring water, tying shoes, folding clothes and so on. These activities help to develop their fine motor skills, coordination and independence.

Sensory: Sensory activities are designed to help children explore their environment through their 5 senses. For example, they can discover different textures, colors, shapes, sounds and smells. This approach will help them to better understand and apprehend the world around them, as well as stimulating and refining their senses.

Language: As bilingualism is at the heart of our very young Montessori section, language activities are essential. They encourage pupils to develop their vocabulary, pronunciation and ability to listen to and understand others. For example, they can learn letters, sounds, words, sentences, etc.

Mathematics: Like mathematical activities. The Montessori program is designed to help children develop their ability to count, understand mathematical concepts and solve problems, while stimulating their creativity and thinking.

Culture: we are committed to developing cultural and artistic lessons, which play a crucial role in children's development and are therefore an integral part of the Montessori program. The aim is to help children discover the world around them, by exploring subjects such as geography, science, history, art and music.

From the very youngest Montessori section, these activities are offered in a calm, peaceful and organized environment, where children are encouraged to work in harmony and to respect others and their environment.


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