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What are the advantages of enrolling my child in a Montessori nursery?

There are several advantages to enrolling your child in the Montessori Nursery at the Chardin bilingual school

There are several advantages to enrolling your child in the Montessori Nursery at the Chardin bilingual school:

Holistic development: The Montessori program encourages the child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. The activities offered in the Montessori Nursery are designed to stimulate all aspects of the child, rather than focusing solely on academic aspects.

Practical learning: As well as encouraging practical and sensory learning through everyday activities, children also learn through experience by discovering and experimenting with their environment.

Autonomy: The Montessori Nursery program encourages children's autonomy, allowing them to choose their own activities and work at their own pace. Children are constantly encouraged by the teaching staff at Chardin bilingual school to make decisions and solve problems for themselves.

Respect for individuality: The Montessori teaching method is child-centered, respecting the child's individuality and learning pace. Teachers observe each child individually, in order to understand their needs and interests.

A peaceful environment: Montessori Nursery classrooms are designed to be calm, peaceful and organized. Children are encouraged to respect the environment and others, learning to work in harmony.

Preparation for school: From the Montessori Nursery, children are prepared for primary school, developing skills such as concentration, independence and problem- solving.

Choosing to enroll your child in the Montessori Nursery means preparing him or her for a serene and confident approach to the fundamental learning that begins in nursery school. In the Montessori Nursery at Chardin bilingual school, we offer your children a personalized and tailored welcome.


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