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What difficulties does a child encounter in a bilingual nursery school?

Learning in a bilingual nursery school can be a challenge for children, as they are exposed to two languages at the same time.

That's why, as soon as they enroll in the Chardin bilingual nursery school, children will be accompanied by the teaching staff to help them get the most out of our bilingual education.
At the start of their schooling, there may be some confusion between the two languages. Children may indeed be confused between the two languages and mix up words and phrases.

It is also common and perfectly normal for children to encounter difficulties in learning and understanding a foreign language at the start of their school career. The curriculum offered at the Chardin bilingual nursery school helps to improve each pupil's ability to understand. The aim of our school is to ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable, so that children do not have to deal with stress or pressure.

Some children find it more difficult to keep up with those who already speak the language. That's why our nursery school has introduced a caring approach that encourages the active participation of all its pupils.

As you will have understood, it is normal for children to experience difficulties at the start of their education in a bilingual nursery school, due to confusion between the two languages, but also due to difficulties in understanding and rhythm. That's why our Chardin bilingual school takes these difficulties into account so that we can provide the best possible support for children to help them learn both languages.


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