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Private primary school in Paris: why choose Chardin bilingual school?

There are a large number of private primary schools in Paris, so parents have to make a choice based on a wide range of criterias.

This competition is healthy and welcome, as each public school in Paris has its own educational project that corresponds to a specific vision of teaching, and of the child's place within it.

Chardin bilingual school is often chosen for a number of reasons. Here are some of the main reasons given by parents:

  • Academic excellence: Chardin bilingual school has a reputation for offering high-quality teaching. It offers a rigorous curriculum that encourages students to reach their full academic potential. The school has a holistic approach to learning that encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Bilingualism: One of the distinguishing features of Chardin bilingual school is its bilingual program. Chardin bilingual school stands out for its bilingual program. It offers a learning environment where students can develop their mastery of both French and English. This approach allows students to develop a high level of language proficiency and a deep understanding of both cultures.
  • Commitment to international education: Chardin bilingual school welcomes students in a multicultural setting open to the world. Promotes a multicultural and international environment. Pupils come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, which encourages intercultural exchange and a deeper understanding of the world. The Chardin bilingual school also encourages international projects and collaborations, enabling students to broaden their perspectives and develop global skills.
  • Humanist values: Chardin bilingual school promotes humanist values such as tolerance, respect, open-mindedness and solidarity. Its teaching emphasizes the development of students' character and their ability to become responsible and committed citizens. Chardin bilingual school aims to cultivate caring individuals who are aware of their impact on the world around them.
  • Opening up to art and sport: Chardin bilingual school emphasizes the daily practice of art and sport. It offers a wide range of artistic and sporting activities, including dance, yoga, rugby, music and upcycling. Chardin bilingual school contributes to children's well-being and to their motor and emotional development.

In the same way that learning an instrument is a gradual process, artistic culture needs to take root gradually in the minds of pupils and be nurtured through daily activities. Exposure to the beautiful and the artistically unexpected is one of the key elements.


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