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Don't choose between a bilingual school and a montessori nursery school

Would you like to enroll your child in a Montessori nursery school, and a bilingual one at that?

There are schools that combine the bilingual and Montessori approaches, such as Chardin bilingual school. These bilingual nursery schools offer a stimulating learning environment that encourages children to develop their language skills and independence.

Enrolling your child in a bilingual Montessori nursery school means offering them the benefits of Montessori learning, such as hands-on learning, exploration and experimentation... while exposing them to a second language from an early age. In these schools, the bilingual programme varies according to the target language, the age of the children and their level of language proficiency.

Thanks to the Montessori method, children can learn a second language in a natural way. The emphasis is on interaction and immersion in the language. Children enrolled in a Montessori bilingual nursery school benefit from greater exposure to the culture and traditions associated with the target language, which can contribute to their personal development and open- mindedness.

In short, Montessori bilingual schools offer a unique educational approach that can help children develop their language skills, confidence and independence, while awakening their curiosity about the world around them.


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