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Ha Hoang, Member of the Advisory Board of l'École Bilingue Chardin

We are pleased to have ha Hoang, Professor at Essec Grande Ecole, as a Board Member of the Ecole Bilingue Chardin.

We invite you to discover her interview, where Ha Hoang explains to us how all the elements combined at Ecole Bilingue Chardin create a favourable environment in which the child can feel  a fulfilment that comes from being truly free and supported in expressing themselves. 

The interview can be found in its entirety by clicking here

Hi, I am Ha Hoang, I am a mother of two bilingual children, and professionally, I am a Professor at ESSEC, a Grande Ecole, and I have been living in France for over twenty years now.

The facilities are excellent, and I think the students will have a wonderful opportunity to express themselves and also enjoy interacting with other students. A bilingual education obviously will be just the cherry on top.

The key-subjects are art, sports, mathematics. I think it is a great blend and it is something that should receive a great deal of attention.

I was very excited to be invited to be a member, I thought that the program of the school was excellent, all the different subjects that they are focusing on will I am sure contribute to creating a whole person.


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