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How does a bilingual school work?

A bilingual school is a school with a running environment adapted to the teaching of two languages. Find out how the Chardin Bilingual School works.

A bilingual school operates in the same way as a traditional school with the difference that the teachers do not all come from the same training system (French and Anglo-Saxon). Therefore, there is a need for coordination between the different departments in order to set up an ambitious program and a complete follow-up of the students' progress.

Bilingualism at École Bilingue Chardin is implemented in the following way:

In bilingual kindergarten classes: A French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking assistant are present in class all day with the students. The French-speaking teacher is responsible for creating the students' activities, but she also works with her assistant. The assistant is in charge of the children's daily activities, including meals and naps. Hearing English during these special times prepares the children for more advanced learning of the language.

Group times are held in both languages

English-speaking students benefit from additional activities in French, and vice versa for French-speaking students.

The songs and albums/books presented are systematically studied in a bilingual logic with common themes and/or important links between English and French

In bilingual elementary classes:

Bilingualism is on an hourly parity. 2 days in French and 2 days in English and Wednesday mornings are dedicated to activities in both languages.

The math, science and world discovery curriculum is divided between the two teachers. It includes common sessions where students work in both languages.


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