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How to prepare for entry to middle school after bilingual education?

Schooling in a bilingual school is an ambitious choice for children, but it offers the possibility of a fulfilling and ambitious education.

This ambition is built from bilingual pre-school through the use of both languages and the cultural enrichment that this represents. It continues in bilingual elementary school with the learning of reading in both languages, the development of the students' ability to transfer in mathematics and science as well as the knowledge of French and Anglo-Saxon children's literature.
Continuation of schooling after elementary bilingual school is possible at the Chardin bilingual school. The same high standards of quality through individualized student monitoring and small class sizes are in place in our Cycle 4. The "Diplôme National du Brevet" will be prepared by the students as an independent candidate within the school. Students from Ecole Bilingue Chardin will then take the exam at the local public middle-school.
It is also possible to join another school to continue his education:
Public middle-schools are opened to students from private schools under contract as for other students. They are enrolled in their local middle-school. More information is available here.
Private schools under contract or without contract have their own admission process. Therefore, you invite you to contact them to find the information needed.


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