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Why enroll your child in a Pre-Kindergarten class?

Compared to a nursery or a daycare, pre-kindergarten has an ambitious educational program. This section is integrated into the school and is therefore a place of learning.

The main objective of the pre-kindergarten class is to start preschool in good conditions and in a progressive way. The activities in this section are aimed to become an independent student. Early childhood teachers take into account the child's biological rhythm. They modify their schedule and differentiate activities according to the individual needs of each child.  Each child is unique and needs more or less time to become a student. The teachers listen to the children and help them in this process.

For a successful entry into the early years, parents must be fully involved in the school's activities. Regular meetings are set up to monitor the child's progress and to provide the best possible support. Communication is essential. 

Socialization of the child, his motor development and vocabulary  acquisition are the pillars of learning in the early childhood class.  

All the activities offered at the Ecole Bilingue Chardin are designed to be progressive and to allow the child to express himself with his peers and with the teachers. These repeated interactions encourage the lexical explosion.

Find out more about the Montessori bilingual pre-kindergarten at the Chardin Bilingual School.


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