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Why choose a Montessori Nursery?

Choose a bilingual Montessori nursery for your child! The Montessori method creates a learning-friendly environment and is suitable for the development of the child.

Before the age of 3, the child feels the need to imitate his parents. He wants to do "like the grown-ups".

The Montessori pedagogy helps enormously in the development of fine motor skills. The material proposed is adapted to the very young but it is inspired by what the child can find at home but for adults (tables, chairs, sponges, containers...) The Montessori activities imitate the activities carried out by adults but all the furniture and the material is at the child's height and he is free to use it. This allows the child to make precise gestures, to apply himself in order to accomplish the given task. 

The principle of Montessori pedagogy is to create an environment favorable to learning. The school materials provided in the classroom are adapted to the proximal child's zone development. Therefore, when the child is in a sensitive period, conducive to the acquisition of certain skills, the environment allows him to learn quickly. Children learn at their own rhythm, when they are cognitively and psychologically ready. 

Choosing to put your child in a Montessori daycare from a very young age allows the child to be an actor in his learning and to progress according to his needs. The activities are designed in such a way that the child understands why he is doing this or that activity and what use it will make to him later on.

In addition, in a Montessori daycare, children develop their autonomy. They learn to do things on their own.  The teachers are there to show him the steps to follow, to encourage him and to create a supportive environment. The child then feels safe to learn.

As with all pedagogy, there are limits to this approach, which we hope to overcome at École Bilingue Chardin. Indeed, very young children need to express themselves verbally. The lexical explosion begins after 18 months and it is therefore important to support them as best as possible. 

At Ecole Bilingue Chardin, in addition to the Montessori activities, language activities are offered so that the child develops this skill and acquires an increasingly important baggage of words. These language activities can be based on a book, a piece of art, a board game or a sport activity. 

Find out more about the Montessori bilingual nursery at the Chardin Bilingual School.


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