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What are the differences between private and public schools?

L'école maternelle et primaire Chardin est une école bilingue hors contrat. Découvrez les différences entre une école privée hors contrat, sous contrat et une école publique.

In France, there are 3 types of schools that educate children in primary school.

  • The public schools depend on the National Education. Their organization, recruitment and their functioning are therefore the same wherever you are in the country.

Private schools are differentiated between schools under contract and schools without a contract. 

  • Schools under simple contract organize their teaching according to the general rules and public education programs.

  • Non-contracted schools are more unrestricted, however, to open, they must obtain authorization from the educational authorities. These authorities will check the conformity of the education taught in the school to the values of the French Republic;


L'Ecole Bilingue Chardin is a bilingual private school without a contract, which allows us a great deal of autonomy. However, the programs and schedules are based on the common standards set by the French National Education system, with a strong emphasis on child development. 

Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school focuses on the development of public speaking and listening skills and the establishment of work groups. This focus is possible because of the small number of children per class and the larger time available to the teachers to monitor them. The English and French language teaching are integrated on a daily basis as from pre-school and then on an equal time basis from the first grade onwards. This is also a notable difference between the public school and private school as l'Ecole Bilingue Chardin.

More generally, it is the constant attention given to the child and his parents that differentiates us from other schools.


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