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Why choose an alternative school?

Choose an alternative school for your children! The Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school has chosen to set up an innovative and efficient pedagogy.

Pedagogy is a complex science because it deals with the interactions between adults and their students. The "black box" that is the classroom/school has been analyzed since Antiquity and the Educational Sciences are in constant renewal.
An alternative school uses the latest research to help its students succeed. 
This success is achieved through very precise monitoring of their attainment and progress and teacher analysis of those results.
At Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school, we do not hesitate to look outside the box in order to help our students grow and ensure their greatest integration into the world of Tomorrow.
One of the most significant Educational Advances we have made is in the area of Neuroscience and in its practical and day-to-day application to the lives of our students. These are the basis of the Chardin bilingual school educational program.
How does the brain develop? What are the processes involved in reading a complex text? How do we build students' learning around their cognitive needs? How to take into account the differences between the students, at learning and emotional levels?
All of these questions (and many others!) are the foundations of l'Ecole Bilingue Chardin's project and the Advisory Board support in solving them is crucial.
Choosing an alternative school is therefore choosing excellence in the service of success and diversity in the service of understanding the child in all its facets.


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