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Why choose bilingual education?

The best time to learn languages is between birth and age 8. Learning a second language will not take precedence over your child's mother tongue; they will be complementary!


Bilingual children can move from one activity to another more quickly than monolinguals and can more easily do several activities at once. In addition, bilinguals can concentrate more easily than monolinguals, this is due to the frontal lobe of the brain (containing the thinking/concentration centers) being more active in the bilingual individual.

Therefore, learning several languages brings a mental flexibility that would allow the bilingual child to develop:

  • Memory
  • Creativity
  • His understanding
  • A better concentration
  • His adaptation capacities 


By learning a language, the child also learns the culture. Bilingual children have the ability to use the language with all the social codes that go with it. The bilingual person knows two cultures, he has access to two worlds in which he can adapt without difficulty. This open-mindedness can help to understand and accept differences.It is a real asset!


It has been proven that the communicative sensitivity that a bilingual child acquires allows him/her solving problems more easily and therefore to be more gifted in his/her social life. How is this possible? During the bilingual learning process, the child has to think quickly about which word to use and in which language to use it. This makes his thinking faster and more thorough.


At École Bilingue Chardin, we believe that the fundamental challenge of bilingual  education is to create complete individuals who are open to others and to changes in the world, and who will be able to adapt to any new situation they encounter. Bilingualism opens up a wider range of opportunities (studies, jobs, travel, etc.)


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