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Bilingual preschool and elementary school : Will my child confuse the two languages ?

Bilingualism has several aspects depending on when the child learns the second language. It is called "simultaneous" if the learning of the second language happens before the age of 3. It is then called "successive".

Learning a second or third language has many benefits for the child:

  • Better "decentration" skills

  • "Early development of metalinguistic skills. The ability to understand how languages are constructed allows for a better understanding of them. 

In general, children do not confuse languages because they are able at a very young age to identify the language used according to the speaker.

There are no worries regarding this topic. The enrollment in a bilingual school is a positive step toward cultural enlightenment. 

The Chardin bilingual preschool and elementary school offers children a bilingual learning environment from an early age with its bilingual Montessori pre-kindergarten class and its preschool and elementary classes. From the first grade, lessons are taught either in French or in English in order to maintain a balance in use and to encourage the practice of both languages. Children will thus be able to progress in a bilingual secondary school, or in a strictly French or English-speaking environment.


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