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Why enroll your child in a Pre-Kindergarten class?

A bilingual pre-kindergarten class enables the entry at school and in a school environment with two languages.

Whatever the family's profile (expatriates, French-speaking families with an international project, English-speaking families), enrolling in a bilingual school is the best way to open up your child culturally and to take the time to reflect on the educational project you want for your child.

A bilingual school makes it possible to consider the continuation of schooling in French, English (British or American curriculum) or international schools with the International Baccalaureate (IB). This choice remains open until high school and corresponds to the evolution of our society and the high professional mobility that marks the careers of executives.

Starting school in a bilingual section allows you to put your child on the road to bilingualism and to put all the chances on his side for a successful educational and professional integration. It also allows the child to benefit from the best of both worlds of education:

The rigor and quality of French education programs, whose pre-school cycle is recognized worldwide

The development of self-confidence and social skills, central to the Anglo-Saxon curriculum, as well as a real taste for experimentation.

Chardin bilingual school makes great efforts to synthesize these two approaches in order to offer a demanding, caring and fulfilling bilingual education for the students and their families thanks to its Montessori bilingual pre-kindergarten class.


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