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What's the program for kindergarten?

Petite section de maternelle (Nursery), or TPS (Toddler), is a program designed for children aged 2 to 3.

The aim is to develop the child's awareness of the world around him/herself and to introduce him/herself to life in the community. Here are just a few of the areas generally covered in nursery of kindergarten:

  • Socialization: In kindergarten, children learn to interact with others, to share, to cooperate and to develop social skills.
  • Autonomy: The kindergarten program encourages children's autonomy in areas such as dressing, undressing, toileting, eating and managing everyday objects.
  • Language and communication: To develop children's listening comprehension, vocabulary and oral expression, the petite section maternelle (nursery) offers oral language activities, nursery rhymes, language games, stories, etc. gross and fine motor skills: Developing children's motor skills is essential in the petite section (nursery). That's why kindergarten offers physical activities like running, jumping and climbing, as well as activities to develop fine motor skills, such as drawing, cutting, modeling and sensory exploration.
  • Discovering the world: Children explore their environment through sensory activities, manipulating objects, imitation games, discovering nature, as well as through simple scientific experiments and artistic activities.
  • Rituals and organization: Children become familiar with the rituals and routines of daily school life, such as group time, free play, mealtimes and rest periods.

The TPS (toddler) program aims to create a stimulating, caring learning environment that encourages the development and awakening of toddlers. Activities are generally playful, sensory and adapted to the needs and abilities of children of this age. L'École Chardin's teachers are committed to supporting each child's development and fostering his or her overall well-being.


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