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What are the advantages of bilingual teaching in kindergarten?

Bilingual teaching in kindergarten has a number of advantages for children's development.

Here are some of these advantages:

Early language acquisition

Children are particularly receptive to language learning at an early age. By being exposed to two languages from the very earliest age, they can acquire language skills naturally and without extra effort. This promotes authentic pronunciation and a deeper understanding of both languages.

Enhanced cognitive development

Bilingual teaching in kindergarten will stimulate children's cognitive development. Studies suggest that bilingual children develop greater mental flexibility, brain reactivity and understanding of their environment. They are also better able to concentrate, filter information and multi-task.

Opening up to other cultures

Exposed to different cultures, children naturally develop intercultural sensitivity, which helps them to live together. By learning a second language from the very earliest age, children discover the customs, traditions and perspectives of other countries and communities. This fosters tolerance, acceptance of diversity and open-mindedness.


At l'école Bilingue Chardin, we prepare children for a bilingual or multilingual education. By developing a solid foundation in both languages from an early age, children are better prepared to continue their language learning in elementary school and beyond.

It's important to note that every child is unique, and the benefits of bilingual education can vary from one individual to another. Some children may adapt more quickly to bilingual learning, while others may need more time to assimilate both languages. The key is to create a positive, supportive learning environment for children to maximize the benefits of bilingual education. L'école Bilingue Chardin makes a point of creating this environment from the very earliest stages of kindergarten.


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