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La Toute Petite Section, a bilingual alternative to crèche from age 2

Toute Petite Section/Toddler (TPS) kindergarten is an increasingly popular educational option for parents keen to give their children a head start in bilingual education

Starting as early as age 2, this alternative offers many advantages for little learners. In this article, we'll explore the many advantages of bilingual education from an early age.

  • Early language acquisition: One of the most obvious advantages of bilingual TPS is the opportunity for children to learn two languages from the very start of their education. Early exposure to two languages fosters natural bilingualism, enabling children to develop strong language skills in both languages.
  • Enhanced cognitive development: Studies show that children exposed to a bilingual environment from an early age tend to develop more advanced cognitive skills. They are often better at problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Preparation for a globalized world: In an increasingly interconnected world, mastery of several languages is a major asset. Starting bilingual learning in kindergarten prepares children for a future in which international mobility and professional opportunities require a variety of language skills.
  • Cultural openness: Learning two languages often goes hand in hand with a better understanding of the cultures associated with those languages. Children who grow up bilingual naturally develop greater tolerance and open-mindedness towards other cultures.
  • Academic success: The advanced language skills acquired in bilingual TPS can lay a solid foundation for future academic success. Children tend to perform better in reading, writing and math.
  • Playful learning: The bilingual Toddler/TPS emphasizes playful, active learning. Children explore languages through activities such as play, music and art, making learning fun and stimulating.

Ecole Bilingue Chardin’s elementary school welcomes your child from the age of 20 months in its bilingual Toute Petite Section/Toddler (TPS).

Around 15 children benefit from personalized support and the Montessori pedagogy implemented by our teachers. Our aim is to help children develop and become autonomous.

If you're looking for an alternative to nursery school and would like a bilingual environment, contact us for more information and, if you're convinced, enroll your child to Ecole Bilingue Chardin.


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