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What are the advantages of enrolling your child in a bilingual nursery school from an early age?

Bilingual teaching is increasingly in demand, as it fosters the acquisition of multiple skills: linguistic, cultural, social

Our bilingual school in Paris offers bilingual immersion from kindergarten onwards:

  • Natural language acquisition: Young children have an innate ability to learn several languages simultaneously. By exposing them to two languages from an early age, they are more likely to develop strong linguistic skills in both languages and acquire natural pronunciation.
  • Openness to cultural diversity: Learning a foreign language from early childhood fosters openness to other cultures and intercultural understanding. Bilingual children are often more curious and tolerant of cultural differences, which prepares them for life in an increasingly globalized world.
  • Cognitive benefits: Studies suggest that bilingual children have better attention span, problem-solving skills and mental flexibility.
  • Preparation for future education: Early enrolment in a bilingual nursery school enables children to become accustomed to a multilingual learning environment. This eases their transition to primary education and prepares them for other educational opportunities in the future, such as access to international schools or bilingual programs.
  • Better professional opportunities: By becoming bilingual from an early age, children are more likely to grow up to be competent adults in foreign languages. This can open doors to international professional opportunities and give them an edge on the job market in an increasingly connected world.

L'École Bilingue Chardin does its utmost to offer the very best in bilingual education, right from the earliest stages of learning. Parents, for their part, must assess their child's specific needs and interests before enrolling their child in a bilingual nursery school.


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