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École Bilingue Chardin: year-round partners who contribute to children's education?

École Bilingue Chardin can collaborate with various partners throughout the year to contribute to the children's education.

École Bilingue Chardin can collaborate with various partners throughout the year to contribute to the children's education. These partners may include organizations, associations, professionals and experts in various fields who bring their expertise and resources to enrich the students' educational experience. Here are just a few examples of potential partners:

1 - Outside contributors

The bilingual school can call on outside contributors such as artists, musicians, dancers, storytellers or specialists in a specific field to lead workshops and special activities. These interventions can enable children to explore new disciplines and broaden their horizons.

2 - Cultural and community associations

Our private elementary school can collaborate with local cultural and community associations to organize events, field trips or special projects linked to cultural, artistic or social aspects. These partnerships encourage the discovery of different cultures and help children at our bilingual school to develop their open-mindedness and sense of diversity.

3 - Health and wellness professionals

The school can work with health and wellness professionals such as doctors, psychologists, nutritionists or physical education specialists to promote health, wellness and healthy lifestyles among children. Interventions or workshops can be organized to raise children's awareness of the importance of taking care of their bodies and minds.

4 - Parents and families

Parents and families are also essential partners in our children's education. Our bilingual primary and nursery school encourages parent participation by organizing meetings, gatherings, events and collaborative projects. This enables parents to become actively involved in their child's school life and contribute to their child's educational development.

It is important to note that the specific partnerships of École Bilingue Chardin may vary according to its geographical location, educational policy and available resources. Details of partners and specific initiatives can be obtained by contacting the school directly.


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