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Are there any public bilingual nursery schools in France?

There are public bilingual nursery schools in France.

These schools offer a bilingual education, usually with a foreign language such as English, Spanish, German, etc., in addition to the French language. The program of these public bilingual nursery schools can vary from region to region, and depends on local educational policies. The number of public bilingual nursery schools may be limited, and they may be more common in large cities or areas where demand for bilingual education is high.

However, the number of public bilingual nursery schools is increasing, in response to the growing interest in early language learning. We recommend that you check with your local education authorities, town halls or schools to find out if bilingual public nursery schools are available in your area.

They will be able to provide you with information on existing bilingual schools, admission criteria and enrolment procedures. It should also be noted that public nursery schools may also offer foreign language courses as part of their curriculum, even if they are not specifically designated as "bilingual". This may vary from school to school, so it's advisable to check directly with the schools to find out what languages are offered in their program.


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