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Multilingualism at home: how do you manage different languages on a day-to-day basis?

Practicing different languages at home can be a challenge for multilingual families, but it can also be very enriching for children.

Here are a few tips for managing different languages in everyday life:

Setting up a language routine is essential if each language is to have its place in daily life. For example, each parent can speak his or her mother tongue with the child, or you can set aside time during the day for each language.
You can practice languages in everyday situations, such as preparing meals, brushing your teeth or playing games.

Encourage your child to use all the languages they know. You can do this by replying in the same language and encouraging them to use the words they know in each language.

Set up fun and educational activities in each language, for example songs, board games, stories or films.

Encourage your child to talk to other people who speak a different language, for example by organizing meetings with friends or family members who speak different languages.

It's important to establish a language routine with your child, so that they continue to use languages naturally, while encouraging them to use all the languages they know in an interactive and fun way.


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