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Why go to a bilingual school from nursery school?

Would you like to enroll your child in a bilingual nursery school but have some questions or doubts?

Below we explain the advantages of enrolling your child in a bilingual nursery school.

Early linguistic development

Before the age of 8, children learn new languages quickly and easily. By joining a bilingual school from nursery school, children have the opportunity to develop their language skills in two languages simultaneously.

Acquiring intercultural skills

Bilingual schools are generally a multicultural place where children can interact with other pupils from different cultures and places. This can help develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Improved cognitive skills

Learning two languages simultaneously can help improve a child's cognitive skills, including memory, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Preparing for the future

Proficiency in several languages can be a major asset for future professional and personal opportunities.

In short, enrolling in a bilingual school from an early age is the best way to ensure that your child benefits from the very best in education. It also means that you can look forward with confidence to continuing your child's studies in a world that is changing and opening up more and more.


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