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La Toute Petite Section/Toddler (TPS) for children aged 2 and over, a first step before kindergarten.

Starting school is a crucial stage in every child's life.

The Toute Petite Section de maternelle/Toddler (TPS), for children from the age of 2, is an essential first step in their educational journey.
The very early years of kindergarten help develop your child's social and emotional skills. Indeed, this is often the first time they interact regularly with other children outside the family. They learn to share, cooperate and respect the basic rules of community life.

Early brain and language stimulation

The activities offered in the TPS are designed to stimulate your child's cognitive development. They discover the world around them through sensory activities, games and exercises that encourage their natural curiosity. As the brain is highly plastic up to the age of 3 - between 700 and 1,000 new connections are created every second in the brain of a child aged 0 to 3 - these activities will really help develop your child's potential before he's 5. It's also at this stage that Your child begins to express himself verbally, enrich his vocabulary and understand communication with others. Our teachers are committed to creating an environment that is conducive to language learning.

Socialization and preparation for nursery school

TPS/Toddler (toute petite section de maternelle) introduces your child to the school routine, preparing him or her for the structure of nursery school. He or she learns to follow a timetable, respect schedules and adapt to a structured environment. What's more, he or she begins to build relationships with his teachers and classmates. A perfect introduction to the transition to kindergarten.

Kindergarten: learning through play

TPS is based on the idea that play is an essential means of learning for young children. Your child participates in playful activities that foster his or her overall development while having fun. The TPS/Toddler section at Ecole Bilingue Chardin integrates play as a pedagogical tool. Play is an essential part of childhood, and vital to your child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. It's a natural, positive way for them to explore their environment, understand a situation and solve a problem.
Our bilingual elementary school highlights all the benefits of enrolling your child in a Toute Petite Section de maternelle/Toddler (TPS). This is an invaluable step in your child's educational journey. It enables your child to acquire social, cognitive and linguistic skills while getting used to the school routine. This experience prepares your child to enter the school system with confidence and enthusiasm. If you are considering enrolling your child in Toddle/TPS, please contact our team or arrange a visit to our school.


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